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Baccarat Betting Systems

In baccarat you can’t use any system to increase your odds in the game as in blackjack or poker, the game is predetermined due to the strict rules of baccarat, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t increase your bankroll.

A reliable betting system can help you to gain lost profits, take advantage of streaks (see our money management article) or simply to gain fixed profits. In baccarat betting systems are not only used to achieve the above but it also helps players to stay focus on their goals. Baccarat betting systems serve both as a mean to reach a specific target and both as guidelines that makes you focus on your targets.

The unique aspect of baccarat betting systems is that you can design them as you wish. There are numerous books that tell you how you should bet but actually you can make up your own system, writers are making money on your insecurity.

Designing a Baccarat Betting System

When you want to design a baccarat betting system you must pay attention to two factors – escalation and progressiveness. First, you must decide if your system is escalating fast, as in the Martingale System where you double your bet after every lose, or maybe you want to add a betting-unit or two when you lose, as in the D’Alembert system.

Then you must see what kind of progressive system do you want – do you want to increase your bets after each lose – in order to deal with them and to gain them back, or do you want a system that works against losing streaks which reduce your bets after each lose. Give it all serious thought and design your own baccarat betting system without paying money for “professional books”.

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