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The Ultimate Online Poker Glossary

Before you get into any gaming scene, it is vital that you are well-versed in the game’s language. Sometimes, even a common word like “fish” may mean something completely different in another dimension. Talking about fish, did you know that the word fish is actually used to refer to an inexperienced and bad player in the world of poker? 

Interesting, isn’t it?

Likewise, if you wish to play online poker, we suggest you first learn the most common poker terms and definitions before you join an online poker99 idn site. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

List of Poker Terms and Meanings:

  • All-in:

All-in simply means to put all your chips into the pot while calling or betting. 

  • Action:

Action can have three different meanings – to bet or raise, a player’s turn to act during a hand, used for describing a poker game with several raising and betting actions.

  • Buy-in:

This refers to the total amount of money you need to spend for entering a tournament. Buy-in can also refer to the minimum deposit you need to make to join a cash game.

  • Bluff:

Bluff is a poker strategy where players try to appear like they have a stronger hand than they actually do with an aim to acquire the pot.

  • Boat:

It usually refers to a full house.

  • Call:

Call simply means to put in chips from your end to match the highest bet that’s already been made by another player.

  • Community cards:

Community cards refer to the river, flop, and turn cards that are dealt with and displayed in the middle of a poker table.

  • Fish:

Fish is a term used to refer to an inexperienced poker player who tends to lose the pot frequently.

  • Fold:

To give up a hand by playing your cards face down on the poker table. Note that when you fold, you also lose all the chips you’ve bet so far in the game.

  • Heads-up:

To play a tournament or pot against one single opponent.

  • Hand:

Hand refers to the five cards that are made with a combination of community cards and pocket cards.

  • Late position:

A position in a poker game where the player must act after most of the other opponents has acted. A late position in poker is regarded as an advantage.

  • Limit:

Limit or limit poker refers to a betting structure where the bets and raises are limited at a fixed amount.

  • No-Limit:

 In a no-limit betting structure, players can raise and bet any amount of money they like since there are no limits whatsoever!

  • Pair:

Refers to two cards belonging to the same rank.

  • Pot:

Pot refers to the center of the table where all wagered chips are collected.

  • Rake:

Rake simply means the amount of money that the house acquires from a poker hand.

  • Variance:

Poker variance is also known as poker downswings. It is basically a measure of the high and low swings your bankroll is likely to go through in a game of poker. The higher your variance, the wider the swings in your bankroll.

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