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Baccarat Types and Their Hypes

Baccarat is indeed, a well-traveled casino game. For centuries, it has reached several parts of the globe, carrying its thrill and excitement for game lovers around the world to enjoy. As baccarat reached various soils, changes has been made to some of its rules and the manner it is played. With this emerged the different types of baccarat that different territories enjoy.

Probably the oldest baccarat game to be played in casinos is the French “chemin de fer”. This type of baccarat game is widely played in French casinos and most casinos in Europe, but not in Northern America. Rules on drawing the third card in “chemin de fer is” are flexible. One of the players play the role of the banker, and the casino does not finance the baccarat game. With this, each of the players has the chance to play the banker as the “shoe” rotates in a counterclockwise manner.

Another European variety is called Baccarat en Banque. In this baccarat game, the casino serves as the banker. With this, the bets are much higher than with players acting the role as the bank. It is also noticeable that in this type of baccarat game, three, instead of two hands are dealt. One hand is dealt for the Bank, while there are two Player’s hands. No rules exist in terms of drawing a third card. It is optional for each hand.

European Baccarat is also a popular European variety of baccarat. This variety emerged from England and spread to South America before reaching the United States of America. Here, the bank provides funds for the game and determines the betting limit. When the betting limit is reached, no other players can bet in the game.

Punto Banco is another type of baccarat played mostly in European casinos. The word “Punto” means “player” and the word “Banco” means “bank”. This version is very much similar to the American Baccarat, but played in a different table lay-out. Also in Punto Banco, there exists no optional play. All the cards are dealt adhering to a set of rules.

Last, but definitely not the least, is the American Baccarat or the Nevada Baccarat. Due to the popularity of the gambling paradise, Las Vegas, this baccarat game is well-known throughout the world. This serves also as one of the basis for online baccarat games widely-played today. It’s easy and less complicated. One must only bet on either the Player or the Bank, with some casinos also offering an option to bet on the Tie or Stand-off. The casino finances the game with 5% commission paid to it for every win on the bank.

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