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Baccarat: the Game and its History

Game basics

Baccarat is one of the most played card games in the world. There are some similarities between baccarat and blackjack, but the odds are better in baccarat. Before the cards are dealt, each player should place their bets on the table. Even a not-so-skilled player can try baccarat. The object of the game is to get a total card value that is nearest to nine. For instance, a player’s cards have a value of ten, this is considered as zero; if the player’s cards has a value of eighteen, the value is considered only as eight because the tenth place is normally dropped. Cards that use their face values are from ace through nine, and cards that are valued zero or ‘baccarat’ are ten and the rest of the face cards.


The ancestral baccarat was played using cards taken out from a deck of tarot cards and it has been the favorite past time of gamblers during the Middle Ages. The game was called ‘bac-car-ah’ by the ancestral gamblers during their time. A new version of the game was developed in Italy during 1490. This version of Baccarat has been one of the most popular card games played in the casinos in Europe. The name Baccarat was derived from the Italian word which means zero. Hence, the cards with a value of zero or baccarat are ten and the face cards.

Chemin De Fer is yet another version of baccarat which was named by the French nobles. The game was introduced to them in the 1500’s because they were looking for a much exciting game. The name Chemin De Fer refers to the French word meaning railroad. It was then introduced in the French Riviera during the 1900’s, and the players named it ‘chemmy’ or ‘shimmy’. Modern Baccarat and Chemin De Fer are quite similar. The only difference is that in Chemin de Fer, the players have their turns in banking the game, and each can earn a profit because as a banker, he can charge a fee to the other players. In Baccarat, the casino holds the position of the bank.

The popularity of Baccarat is wide spread. The game came from Europe and when it came to America, many gamblers have embraced the concept and the excitement that the game offers. In the 1950’s, baccarat was introduced in the casinos of Las Vegas right after the closure of Havana casinos.

The modern times may have changed too much due to the introduction of technology and other advancements, but the game of baccarat still prevail. There is no stopping this game especially now that casinos are going global through internet gaming.

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